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Why Should you invest in this indicator?

Extremely profitable

The team has invested significant time and resources into developing an indicator delivers such accurate results. This indicator is extremely profitable and it offers the following features:

  1. Significantly reduces time spend on analysis.
  2. Minimuzed the risk of loss.
  3. Perfect timing on trades means higher profit and better margins.
  4. Signals are accurate regarless of the conditions in the market or the stock or crypto asset bring traded. 

Matching your spend on this and trading the PXI should see your money returned to you within one month of active trading. We are confident enough to say that this should be the case regardless of the market conditions. 

Keys to financial freedom

This is a small price to pay for such surety on your investments and the confidence you need to be bold with your money. With a win rate exceeding 90% we are offering you the keys to your own financial freedom. 

Introducing the Plutus eXploration Index (PXI)

What is PXI?

What makes us better than the rest?

What makes us better than the rest?


Making profitable trades is a number game, so we at Hashed Plutus worked closely with people who specialise in calculus and statistics. Uniting intricate knowledge of market cycles with hands-on experience of over eight years in trading blended amidst the sheer excellence of TradingView's PineScript. It is a first of its kind momentum oscillator designed specifically for signalling the perfectly timed entries and exits on any market a trader can get his hands on!

The project was first conceived mid-2019 and it has been gripping the teams' focus and attention ever since. Extensive back-testing for over 6 months followed by live trading from early December has provided staggering results that speak for themselves. 

What makes us better than the rest?

What makes us better than the rest?

What makes us better than the rest?


The PXI displays remarkable accuracy compared to any of the standard indicator sets available. The indicator displays a resilient resistance to crossovers when the two signal lines approach each other. This ability greatly reduces the number of false-positive signals which every indicator on the market struggle with. Implementing this feature into indicators often delays buy signals to the extent that they become effectively worthless. The PXI suffers from no such lag or signal sickness

Crossovers occur well before any notable price action. The resistance of human emotion to sell linked with greed and fear is cut out. The indicator has an amazing ability to avoid the dreaded premature sell signal and tends to close out positions shortly after the new high has been achieved. 


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